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Fault Finding & Preventative Maintenance


Fault Finding Services

Our experienced engineers are well-versed in all methods of fault finding and can confidently and efficiently identify any and all possible faults in your electrical systems using the following fault finding methods:

-Domestic electrical fault finding

-Industrial electrical fault finding

-Power distribution fault finding

-Ground fault finding

-Arc fault finding

-Thermal fault finding


Preventative Maintenance Services

Whilst our team are adept at identifying faults in your electrical systems, the best course of action would be to prevent the faults before they can appear.

This is where preventative maintenance comes in 

Scope offers a wide range of preventative maintenance which can be precisely selected by our engineers to be tailored to your specific needs

-Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Testing

-Electrical Panel Inspection and Cleaning

-Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)

-Tightening Electrical Connections

-Grounding System Inspection

-Cleaning and Dust Removal

-Voltage and Load Testing

-Infrared Thermography

-Battery Replacement

-Visual Inspections

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Why Should Scope Be Your Fault Finding Partner

We at Scope are NICEIC accredited assuring you of our team's expertise in electrical safety regulations and best practices. 

Furthermore Our team are CHAS accredited contractors showing our dedication toward health and safety standards.

The combination of expertise and weariness of possible hazards makes Scope the best solution to any fault finding electrical problems

Why Do You Need Fault Finding And Preventative Maintenance?

Ignoring fault finding and preventative maintenance services in a commercial or industrial setting can be a recipe for disaster. Unidentified electrical problems can lead to a domino effect of costly consequences. Production lines can grind to a halt due to equipment malfunctions, leading to lost revenue and missed deadlines. Safety hazards can arise from undetected issues like overheating components or faulty wiring, potentially causing injuries or even fires. Furthermore, neglecting electrical problems can lead to more extensive damage down the line, requiring expensive repairs or even complete system replacements.

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