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Electrical Installation


Electrical Installation Services

A safe and reliable electrical system is the backbone of any successful business. From powering your machinery to keeping the lights on, your electrical infrastructure needs to be up-to-code and functioning flawlessly. At Scope, we offer a vast range of electrical installation services designed to meet the specific needs of your facility.

-Generators and Backup Power Systems

-Data and Communication Cabling

-Fire Alarm and Security Systems

-High and Low Voltage Systems

-Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

-Emergency and Exit Lighting

-Panelboards and Switchgear

-Commercial Tenant Fit-Ups​

-Smart Building Systems

-Grounding and Bonding

-Exterior Lighting

-Interior Lighting


Why Choose Scope?

 Our technicians are NICEIC accredited contractors, these accreditations are testament to the high quality service they provide so you can rest assured that our professionals will handle your every electrical installation need to a high standard.

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Why Is Using A Qualified Electrician So Important?

We understand that downtime due to electrical issues can be incredibly costly and while the urge for a quick fix might be tempting, having employees attempting DIY electrical work poses a significant danger to your business even on the smallest of electrical tasks. Advanced electrical systems are complex, with high voltage and heavy machinery, our qualified electricians have the training, experience, and specialised knowledge to navigate these complexities safely and efficiently. We understand electrical codes and best practices, ensuring your system is not only functional but minimises the risk of fire, electrical shock, and costly damage. It is never worth it to gamble with safety, trust our qualified team to keep your business running smoothly and to avoid potential disasters.

  • What is commercial CCTV?
    Commercial CCTV is a security solution businesses deploy to protect their sites, assets, premises and staff. This can include internal surveillance, focused on monitoring staff, and detecting employee theft, and workplace incidents. Furthermore, it also covers external site surveillance which covers monitoring site entrances, perimeters, car parks, and all areas outside a building.
  • Are there any legal requirements to using your CCTV on our business premises?
    There are a number of essential considerations and rules around the usage of CCTV that you need to be aware of. From making sure staff and the public are fully informed about the usage of cameras (data protection) to storing the feeds and footage (GDPR), companies must uphold the law. We advise you on compliance if you choose to work with us.
  • What are the different types of commercial CCTV systems?
    There are many different types of commercial CCTV systems. Each has a defined purpose and meets specific objectives and threats. Here is a quick overview of the different types of commercial CCTV systems: IP CCTV – high res security cameras. Easily scalable and installed within your current IP infrastructure Thermal CCTV – the perfect choice for low light settings, and in harsh weather conditions ANPR CCTV – advanced number plate tracking. Typically used for the purposes of perimeter protection, and site access Ultra HD – crystal clear footage, and accurate threat detection Perimeter surveillance – advanced CCTV systems designed to protect your first line of defence Internal CCTV – security camera systems design to monitor employees and visitors External CCTV – surveillance camera systems designed to monitor activity outside of your business and within its grounds
  • What should I look for in a commercial security camera?
    There are many factors to working when looking for a commercial CCTV camera. Selecting the right camera type for the setting, budget, and system objectives are all key factors. To summarise here is a short list of what to look for in a commercial CCTV system: Camera type – is it suited to the setting it will be deployed in? Value for money – make sure you get the right spec for your needs Brand – is it manufactured by a specialist CCTV brand or a cheap imitation you can buy online Storage – how long will your CCTV footage be stored for? Resolution – will your footage be crystal clear? Do you need accurate footage after dark? These are just some of the factors in selecting the right commercial security camera for your need
  • What are the laws around using CCTV in commercial premises?
    You can deploy CCTV cameras to protect your commercial premises. However, must adhere to the following legal requirements. For your commercial CCTV systems to be legally compliant, you need to: Have a visible sign letting people know CCTV footage is being recorded and why. Be able to supply CCTV images / footage within one month to anyone who has been recorded. Share surveillance footage or images with the authorities, when required Only store footage as long as your business or organisation requires them.
  • What are the data protection laws for commercial CCTV?
    If your site requires CCTV, you must register your company details with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In certain cases, you need to pay a data protection fee. For your system to be GDPR compliant, you must also display clear CCTV signage, tell people they’re being recorded, control who can access the footage, and ensure the system is being used for its intended purpose.
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